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The wills and probate solicitors in our Lifetime Planning team have a great deal of experience when it comes to those very personal family matters. 

Finally, you have an easy and totally confidential way to protect your interests and the interests of your family when it comes to making a will and planning your estate administration.

Probate And The Administration Of Estates

Following the death of a relative or friend it is important to receive experienced, independent legal advice from a trusted source.

We can assist with the administration of estates where there is a will when you may need to obtain a Grant of Probate, or estates where there is no will, when you may have to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration and seek advice as to who is entitled to benefit from the estate.

Collectively Grants of Probate and Grants of Letters of Administration are called Grants of Representation.

In both cases you'll receive an initial no obligation meeting at our office or at your home if you prefer, and very clear guidance. 

Ours is a flexible probate service and after explaining the process, you will understand the elements of the process you want to do yourself and the elements of the process you want us to be responsible for; this approach allows us to offer cost effective advice.

You'll be secure in the knowledge that we set out clearly what we are being asked to do for the family and peace of mind in the fact that there is a fixed fee in the majority of the cases we deal with.


It is important that you not only make a will but that you receive the benefit of an experienced, qualified adviser.

Initially, there's a free, no obligation first meeting in our office or at your home to ensure we understand your particular personal circumstances and wishes. We can then use our experience to create a will for you that meets your needs exactly. 

Many of us live more complicated lives today. It is vital to know who a child of the family is – does it include a stepchild or step grandchild, what happens if you deliberately don’t include a person in your will and what would happen if you do not make a will.

On top of this we will consider

  • The tax implications arising from your death and ensure we draw up your will in a tax efficient manner.
  • Talk through with you the issue of care and arranging your affairs to be as efficient as possible.
  • Whether you are a business owner, an unmarried couple or simply wish to leave everything to charity, we offer experience, care and consideration for your particular needs.

Powers of Attorney

There are three types of Power of Attorney each allowing you to ask somebody else to help you either with your finances or decisions about your health if you can no longer look after yourself.

We have a great deal of experience in setting up the appropriate type of Power of Attorney, registering the documents with the Government as appropriate and if necessary helping look after your affairs directly or by advising family and friends.

Many of us only make a Lasting Power of Attorney when we are feeling a little frail, but we advise all our clients to consider what would happen is they suddenly lost the ability to make decisions themselves; the impact on you and your family (and your business) can be enormous. 

This is why we encourage clients to make Powers of Attorney as early as possible.

Gifts, Trusts and Tax

We offer a holistic approach to your lifetime planning as we know the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

There are many reasons why you may wish to meet with us to talk through gifts you have made or intend to make. There can be many repercussions of making gifts and it is important to know the facts. 

  • You may want to save inheritance tax and wish to know what your actual liability is and how the tax works. 
  • You may have given money to a child to buy a property but want to ensure the investment does not disappear in any future relationship breakdown the child may have. 

Together we can talk through the issues with you confidentially and impartially and help advise you on documents such as declarations of trust that can protect the family’s money in these circumstances whilst allowing the gift to take places

Call us today and we’ll provide straightforward legal advice that will keep your Lifetime Planning goals on track.
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susan carlile - wills and probate solicitor
Susan provides advice on a range of lifetime planning matters.

With over 25 years’ experience, the ability to proactively listen, offer measured and practical advice, Susan provides clients with the reassurance that their personal affairs are ordered, secure and tax effective.
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