We offer a full legal and business consultancy service

Our services for franchisees and franchisors go beyond what many franchise solicitors offer. With a depth of legal knowledge from 10 years' experience and business knowledge from our hand-picked specialists, we can provide help with other areas such as financing and business planning.

Leading our franchising services, Amy is particularly well known in the franchise industry and devotes her career to assisting franchisees to know and understand their rights and create solutions when things are not working out. 

For franchisees and franchisors... 

We offer the complete range of services for franchisees, starting from assistance to review your franchise options and the type of business that may work for you.  We can then assist with negotiations and agreement reviews, through to helping you sell your franchise. We also help franchisees resolve disputes with franchisors, should issues arise along the way.

For franchisors, we work with selected franchisors to develop their franchise, providing focused commercial and legal advice and assistance, based on our legal, franchising and wider business experience.

We firmly believe that franchising should always be tried & tested, supportive, ethical and driven to succeed for all parties, even if there are bumps in the road to success.  

Call us to discuss your franchising issues on 0333 405 0327. 

Amy Leite - Employment Law Advice For Franchisees
Amy Leite - Franchising & Employment Law
Amy has over 10 years' experience advising franchisees and is recognised in the franchise industry for her expertise and commerciality.
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